The 2024 Father's Day Whisky Gift Guide

The 2024 Father's Day Whisky Gift Guide

Father figures deserve to be cherished – and for the loved one who already “has it all”, finding a token that imparts your appreciation can be a challenge. No matter the preference for flavour, our Father’s Day whisky gift guide is ready to help.

Sourced directly from the private stocks of the Gordon family, the House of Hazelwood collection is a whisky lover’s paradise. Unconstrained by age or style, the collection presents the opportunity to break free from the Single Malt and explore whiskies which have aged for up to over half a century, blended and bottled only when they’re deemed to have matured to a state of exceptional character.

There is one guarantee – any recipient of a House of Hazelwood whisky will have never experienced anything like it before.  

For the Historian

The opportunity to own a real piece liquid history has never been more compelling for the connoisseur – and for this reason, we begin at Blended at Birth.

Distilled in 1965, this compelling release could be enjoyed on its merits of flavour alone, formed over decades of maturation. Marzipan, fruitcake, herbal tea and a hint of mint in the aftertaste make for a highly unusual, yet pleasurable pour, but there is far more than meets the eye (or palate) to this Blended Scotch Whisky.

Aged for 57 years, this parcel of grain and malt was married as new make spirit – before its lengthy slumber in cask. An unconventional whisky making technique – even for its time – is now prohibited by Scotch Whisky law, meaning that this expression is indeed amongst the first and last of its kind, never to be repeated.

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Travel forward to 1994, and the Scotch Whisky industry celebrates a landmark anniversary – 500 years since the oldest recorded reference to Scotch Whisky, circa. 1494. The industry marked the occasion with numerous limited-edition bottlings and blends, but in a warehouse in Scotland, an opportunistic whisky maker stowed a small sum of spirit away to sleep for 28 more years.

Almost three decades later, the Spirit of Scotland emerged, a 46-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky, brimming with warming notes of syrup, toffee treacle, lemon pie and a hint of smoke. History has never tasted so good.

Discover the Spirit of Scotland

For the Storyteller

If your loved one can be found recanting tales to captive audiences, or waxing lyrical on their latest passion, then there are no shortages of stories to be found within the House of Hazelwood warehouses.

A step back to the mid-century with The Accelerator and The Brake will be sure to capture the imagination. Presented in the form of a 33-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky, this expression pays tribute to brothers Charles and Sandy Gordon, two of the most influential whisky innovators of the 20th century, nicknamed the “Accelerator” and the “Brake”, for their tenacity, entrepreneurship, and prescience as they navigated a fast-changing industry landscape.

The release is accompanied by a feature-length documentary, narrated by spirits writer, Dave Broom, as he navigates the creation of the whisky, meeting the family members, cooper, coppersmith, specialists, warehousemen and blenders behind the blend.

A rare bird’s eye view into the development of a Scotch Whisky from cask to bottle – and the way to enjoy Father’s Day together watching the film with glass in hand.

Discover The Accelerator and The Brake

Every distillery across Scotland bears its distinct character with pride. But, only the most adept in the discipline of blending truly know how to bring such vibrant and vivacious characters together in harmony.

The Eight Grain, a 40-Year-Old Blended Grain Whisky, is a masterclass in balance, bringing together eight of Scotland’s closed and active grain distilleries into one singular expression. Including components from distilleries long since lost to the history books, this bottling is a tribute to the diversity and depth grain whiskies have to offer.

While grain whisky can often be overlooked due to a perception of a lack of depth or complexity, The Eight Grain is a vehement rebuttal, displaying an indulgent dessert like quality of baked sugar, juicy stone fruits, caramelised banana and banoffee pie topped with a hearty lashing of cream.

Rare characters such as these are underrated – and deserve to be cherished together with our loved ones.

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For the Adventurer

Audentes Fortuna iuvat – they say that fortune favours the bold, and for the blender behind The Lost Estate, this adage comes true. As the namesake suggests, within this 43-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky lies a perfect marriage of two of Scotland’s late, great grain distilleries.

With so little liquid from each respective distillery left in existence, one would expect any whisky maker to bottle the last remaining drops under the distillery name to maximise output. But, for this expression, an unconventional choice was made to marry together two opposing characters, ultimately yielding a mouth-watering rich and estery release.

Flavour seekers will be rewarded heavily with this release promising pear drops, bright mandarin orange and a crisp, clean barley sugar character. A truly memorable drop to uncover and savour on Father’s Day.

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For the loved ones who warm their toes by the bonfire, A Trail of Smoke, a liquid depiction of the Scottish Islands is a sure-footed place to settle.

A showcase for nuances of a savoury maritime character, the 40-Year-Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky marries together the very best of Scotland’s rugged islands, celebrated through the vibrancy of charred fruit before concluding in an elegant, subtle puff of peated woodsmoke.

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A Tailor-Made Father’s Day Whisky Gift Guide

The expanse of the House of Hazelwood stocks is limitless. No matter the preference, whether age, flavour or style, within our warehouses lies a dream worthy drop, waiting to be enjoyed in all its glory.

If you’re still seeking the perfect Father’s Day whisky gift, our customer service team would be delighted to help match the ideal expression to your loved one. To receive your tailored recommendations, simply get in touch.

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