Product Overview

Age 43 Years
Outturn 564 Bottles
Volume 70CL
Strength 41.6% ABV
Colour Light Gold

A Breath of Fresh Air

43 Year Old

The Lost Estate

The Lost Estate

A rare and compelling Blended Grain Scotch Whisky featuring well-matured grain whiskies from two of Scotland’s late, great grain whisky distilleries, this rich and delicious whisky combines a creamy, luscious character with bright flashes of citrus fruits and barley sugar.

The Finer Details

Grain whisky distilleries in Scotland are rare enough but a blend of grain whiskies created from now-silent distilleries is rarer still. The Lost Estate, a well-aged and rare Blended Grain Scotch Whisky brings together the individual characters of two of Scotland's closed grain whisky distilleries to create a rich, estery release. 

  • Feature to long, long Scottish grain distilleries.
  • Matured in American White Oak casks.
  • Offered at a natural cask strength.
  • Free from added colour.
  • Non-chill filtered.
  • Packaged in a hand-labelled, individually numbered decanter with accompanying gift box.


Creamy and rich on the nose with estery notes of pear drop and bright mandarin orange.


On the palate there is sweetness, a wonderful depth, and further hints of fruit alongside a crisp, clean barley sugar character.

  • Pear drops

  • Mandarin orange

  • Barley sugar

  • Pineapple

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