Product Overview

Age 58 Years
Outturn 74 Bottles
Volume 70CL
Strength 45.6% ABV
Colour Mahogany

A Breath of Fresh Air

58 Year Old

A Singular Blend

A Singular Blend

Unprecedented in terms of age and provenance, this exceptional rare 1963 Vintage Blended Scotch Whisky represents a connection to a lost era of Scotch production within which grain and malt components were distilled at the same site. A stunning, highly unusual release.

The Finer Details

Unprecedented at this age, this most singular of blends is composed not only of whiskies from the same region but of Scotch whiskies from the very same Highland distillery – with both grain and malt components stemming from the same year of production at the same site. Matured for 58 years in American oak this Vintage Blended Scotch Whisky has, over time, taken on rich layers of complexity that complement and enhance both aspects of the distillery character. This release is offered free from added colour.

  • Matured in American oak ex-bourbon casks for 58 years.
  • Free from artificial colouring.
  • Packaged in a hand engraved, individually numbered decanter with ash display box featuring gold leaf inlay.


The nose carries butterscotch sweetness with a hint of saddlery workshops.


The palate opens to deliver a beautifully poised balance of sweet and sour with notes redolent of waxy fruit skin. A stunning, highly unusual release showcasing the remarkable complexity that can stem from a single distillery.

  • Butterscotch

  • Leather

  • Apple

  • Toffee

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