Discovering The Next Chapter

Discovering The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter: An Expression of Optimism & Experimental Double-Cask Maturation

The enjoyment we take from a whisky is rooted in its historical tales – the stories it tells, the connection it offers, and the unique character it provides.

Through these stories, whisky can teach us lessons for life, encouraging us to reflect on our collective memory and enriching the experience of both tasting and collecting.

Here, common themes often arise: patience, craft, tradition, perseverance. And, in the case of The Next Chapter…optimism, intuition and humanity. 

Distilled in 1972 and initially aged in European and American Oak, this scotch blend was further matured in active ex-bourbon barrels for a secondary finishing period of fifteen years.

Experimental in nature, the 50-year aged whisky offers a truly unique taste profile that celebrates and showcases the two stages of its maturation.

On the nose, its bourbon cask finish invites curiosity with notes of dense, rich toffee. While on the palate, its sherry cask origins emerge – a creamy, rich mouthfeel with highlights of Seville orange and marmalade makes way to a long-lasting, sweet citrus finish.

Having reached near-perfection following its initial maturation, the bottle’s rich depth, complexity and interwoven expressions would have never surfaced had it not been for its next chapter.

It’s here that the true, sophisticated character of the spirit emerged – one which could have been so easily lost had it not been for a distiller’s decision to undertake this fifteen-year second maturation. 

A carefully planned long-term experiment, result of circumstance or simply the pursuit of instinct, the rationale behind the bottle’s uncommon maturation cycle will likely remain a mystery.

However, it’s the initial idea that more was to be discovered – that the blended spirit possessed something worthy of further experimentation and maturation – that brings the whisky its magic.

Through this intrigue, intuition, and eventual state of perfection, The Next Chapter provides a lesson unlike any other.

One which shows us that the special in life may emerge from uncommon unions, from trust in our actions, or simply from playful experimentation. The bottle represents a distillation of optimism and the intuitive drive for improvement that resides in us all. The joy of the unknown. And the positives that may lie around the corner.

The Next Chapter is therefore not only a fine representation of distilling history and expertise but a symbol of something far more intriguing and, perhaps most significantly, more human.

Part of the limited Charles Gordon Collection, discover more or purchase The Next Chapter here.  

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