Created by Blender Eilidh Muir, The Long View, is a tribute to the women of Hazelwood and their influence across the family stocks. Whisky Auctioneer will auction this one of one bottling to raise money for the OurWhisky Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to recognize, support, and empower women working in the whisky industry around the world.

Drawing on stock built up over the generations, this unique blend celebrates the work of three remarkable women at the heart of the House of Hazelwood story with a whisky that is at once decadently rich and elegantly layered. A tribute to patience and perseverance and a reminder that, sometimes, the most important things in life take time to emerge.

The three women at the heart of the House of Hazelwood story are Janet Sheed-Roberts, Eilidh Muir and Kirsten Grant-Meikle.

Janet Sheed-Roberts, granddaughter of William Grant, lived at Hazelwood House and was Scotland’s oldest person when she died at the age of 110 years old. Known as ‘Wee Janie’ she was the matriarch of the family, having been granddaughter, daughter, sister, wife, aunt and great aunt to successive Chairmen and Managing Directors of the business for over a century.

For almost 100 years, the House of Hazelwood has sat at the centre of a pioneering ethos, each and every whisky maker charged with the task to challenge convention and break boundaries. Today, blender Eilidh Muir sits as a custodian of our whisky, employing and advancing the techniques handed down through the decades to create whiskies unbridled in flavour.

The Whisky

The Long View

31-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky, 49.2% ABV

Nose: Ripe red berries, creamy vanilla, and toasted oak. A few drops of water releases another wave of toffee sweetness, fresh custard tart and a hint of ground cinnamon.

Taste: Silky smooth with a rich and intensely sweet oakiness. Over three decades of maturation in American oak has created an elegantly layered whisky with soft spice, honey and tangy sherbet all enveloped in a syrupy sweetness.

Finish: Long lasting sweet oak.

Bid in the auction

OurWhisky Foundation

The OurWhisky Foundation is the world’s first non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting, recognising and empowering professional women in whisky across the globe, while advocating for a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Founded in 2022 by drinks journalist Becky Paskin, the UK-based organisation works with the global drinks industry to provide diversity and inclusion consultancy, as well as surveys, reports, events and initiatives that inspire change. 

Its ground-breaking mentorship programme, which pairs mentees with some of the biggest names in whisky while providing free workshops and networking opportunities, has so far guided 175 women and non-binary individuals toward reaching their goals, with many securing new jobs and promotions as a result.

In 2023 the Foundation introduced the Modern Face of Whisky stock image library, an evolving, free-to-use collection of professional photography enabling the media and wider industry to more accurately represent the diversity of today’s whisky drinker beyond the masculine stereotype. Within its first eight months, the library received 10 million views and 100,000 downloads with the images featured across global print and digital media. 

In the same year, the Foundation surveyed over 600 women for its Do You Even Like Whisky? report – the world’s first survey of women in whisky, which revealed the extent of sexism and unconscious bias prevalent in the industry. The report has since led to policy changes within many whisky organisations.

The Demeter Collection Auction

The OurWhisky Foundation is delighted to introduce the Demeter Collection, the world’s first auction of whiskies celebrating female achievement, held in partnership with Whisky Auctioneer. 

Named after the Greek goddess of grain, the Demeter Collection will highlight unique and exquisite whiskies crafted and inspired by some of the industry’s most talented women, maintaining a particular focus on the compelling stories of those involved in their creation.

The inaugural auction will be hosted 29 March- 8 April 2024, coinciding with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, as well as the OurWhisky Foundation’s second anniversary. The carefully curated Collection will be held every two years with all proceeds donated to the OurWhisky Foundation. 

Demeter (Duh-mee-tuh) was the Greek goddess of the harvest and agriculture, presiding over crops, grains and the fertility of the earth. Known as the ‘good goddess’, she gifted humankind with the knowledge to grow and harvest their own crops. Such was her deep connection to the planet that she is often likened to Gaia, while some claim her name translates to ‘Mother Earth’.

According to legend, her daughter Persephone was abducted and held hostage in the underworld by Demeter’s brother, Hades. Racked with grief, Demeter plunged the world into a deep famine as she searched far and wide for her lost daughter. Ultimately Hades allowed Persephone to return to the surface for just eight months a year. It was only during this time that Demeter allowed crops to grow once more, thereby creating the seasons, a continuous evolution of time that symbolises the eternal cycle of life and passing of knowledge from generation to generation.

Despite her important role within Greek mythology, Demeter remains one of the lesser-known of the Olympians, her story largely untold in popular culture. Yet her heroic tale of overcoming obstacles to support her daughter, all while sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others, embodies many similar values as the OurWhisky Foundation.

Just like Demeter’s sidelining in pop culture, women’s contributions to whisky have been vastly under-recognised. Through the Demeter Collection we want to honour the grain goddess and tell the untold stories of women in whisky, while raising much-needed funds to enable the OurWhisky Foundation to support, recognise and empower future generations of women in the industry.