As part of your upcoming trip to Speyside, we cordially invite you to join House of Hazelwood for an exclusive Scotch Whisky blending masterclass. Throughout the session, you will be the first in the world to taste our upcoming 2024 release of greatly aged rare Scotch whiskies and will be invited to explore the process of blending with a senior member of the House of Hazelwood team. 


To commemorate the visit, you are invited to leave the session with a bespoke Scotch whisky that will be made available for purchase only to members of the Dynasty group, priced at £1,500.  This is a unique opportunity to acquire an aged Blended Scotch Whisky of exceptional provenance and rarity (a maximum of 40 bottles will be produced and made available to this group only).

To allow us to blend sufficient quantities of the bespoke whisky in advance of your visit, may we request that you indicate below whether you would like to purchase a bottle of the unique Dynasty blend as part of your visit?