Each House of Hazelwood collection of aged Scotch whisky offers a glimpse into a time, place and story that is completely remarkable.

This once-private collection is being offered to those outside the immediate family in small batches hand-selected for release. These are the most compelling whiskies that the inventory has to offer – a bridge between the past and the present, each parcel unique by virtue of its history, its character or its method of production.

Unlike most Scotch whisky producers, the House of Hazelwood collection brings with it no requirement to release whiskies of a given age or a given style on a set date. This is a collection of individual spirits, representing unique casks, experiments that have taken place over the years, combinations that may never be seen again. Central to this is the philosophy that the maturing stock is ready when it’s ready.

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Blended at Birth

1965 Vintage Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, 47.0% ABV

This is not only one of the world’s first whiskies to be blended at birth, but also likely to be one of the last, for such practices are now prohibited by the powers that be within Scotch.

This unusual parcel of grain and malt, born 57 years ago and married –as new make spirit –before aging as a blend in ex-bourbon American oak.

Nose: Rich notes of marzipan, Dundee cake and leather on the nose.

Taste: Pleasing tannin-rich herbal tea on the palate and a cool, minty aftertaste.

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