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February 22nd 2023

Collectable Whisky: 5 Sensational Spring Whiskies to add to your collection

Spring is on the way – and with it, we present our curated selection of collectable whisky, ready to reflect the season ahead.


December 19th 2022

The Lowlander: A Portrait of Lowland Distillation

An expression of the unique characteristics and delicate elegance of Lowland maturation and distillation, The Lowlander represents the best of what the region offers.


November 3rd 2022

The Gift of the Grain: The Rise of Single Grain Whisky

Single Malt vs Single Grain. What’s the difference? Which is best? Which should I buy? As buyers become increasingly informed, single grain whisky is growing in popularity. Here’s why…


October 6th 2022

Introducing Our Autumn Release

4 minute read

Find out more about the House of Hazelwood Autumn release of rare, aged Scotch whiskies - Including A Signature Blend, which is perhaps one of the rarest and most prized Scotch whiskies made to date.


April 21st 2022

New Outturn May 2022

4 Minute Read

We look forward to the upcoming May outturn of new House of Hazelwood bottlings and invite Keyholders to pre-order.