The Old Confectioner's: A Nostalgic Journey of Childlike Discovery

The Old Confectioner's: A Nostalgic Journey of Childlike Discovery

We all know the feeling – a distinctive smell or taste snaps us from our reality and transports us to a time in our past.

On these occasions, it’s the mysterious nature of these events, something happening beyond our control, that perhaps adds to their allure.

What does that remind me of? Why do I feel this way? Where has it taken me to?

And yet, despite being an experience we are all familiar with, actively seeking out these moments is often an impossible task. The surprise, unpredictably, and magic of the sensation being central to its appeal.  

However, in The Old Confectioner’s we may have just found an answer.

Matured for 44 years in refill sherry butts, this fully unified Blended Malt Scotch has taken on a unique and delightfully evocative character.

“Whiskies such as this transport the imbiber to lost places that cannot be revisited any other way" - The Luxury Editor

On the eye, the whisky does not give too much away – its rich walnut colour similar to many of its peers.

However, once poured, The Old Confectioner’s slowly invites the imbiber on a nostalgic journey into the cherished sweet shops of the past – the door creaking open into a much-beloved world.

On the nose, we are greeted by scents of comforting aniseed with brighter hints of candied fruits – stimulating the senses and invoking the first swells of nostalgia.

As we take the first sip, we step forth into the shop, where rows of sweets line wooden shelves – a familiar sense of childlike wonder takes over the senses.

Initial caramelised notes lead into a darker treacle toffee and liquorice character, with woody hints providing a nostalgic foundation – the flavour building and evolving into a warmly welcoming and enriching character.

A long, slow finish allows us to savour the experience as the wonderfully redolent flavour moves from sweet to dry.


“It may be the power of suggestion, but after an initial hit of ripe red fruits, scents of boiled sweets and mint toffee leap from the glass.” - Richard Woodard, Decanter

Nostalgic, indulgent, and richly satisfying, The Old Confectioner’s is a testament to whisky’s evocative virtues, encapsulating a shared moment of joy that almost anybody can associate with.

The bottle serves as a reminder of the complex and multi-faceted layers of flavour and emotion that can be discovered, released, and created through the longer maturation periods of these expert blends.

With just 256 bottles released worldwide, this rare whisky offers everything a fine, luxury whisky should: a sublimely unified, multi-faceted taste profile, a bridge to a distant past, and, most importantly, a little bit of magic.  

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