The Lowlander: A Portrait of Lowland Distillation

The Lowlander: A Portrait of Lowland Distillation

The rolling hills of the Lowlands have long been home to a number of Scotland’s oldest distilleries – nestled between a patchwork of luscious meadows and meandering rivers.

It was in this region close to the border that the very first whiskies were produced in 1494 for King James IV – the home of a nascent industry that would shape the nation’s culture for centuries.

And yet, despite these regal origins, it was further North, across the Highlands and Islands, that the greatest number of distilleries were established.

As such, the heavier character of these northern distilleries have come to dominate the world of Scotch whisky – relegating the more delicate taste profile of Lowland distilleries to a perceived secondary status amongst  some.For a more seasoned whisky-drinker however, the verdant landscape of the Lowlands offers plenty to explore and appreciate, providing a parallel history of Scottish distillation that is often overlooked.

The whiskies produced across the Lowland region are a clear reflection of the scenery from which they originate, taking on a much calmer, more delicate flavour in contrast to the bolder, striking notes associated with the dramatic landscapes further North.  

The Lowlander, our 36-year Blended Lowland Scotch, takes these elements, and celebrates them. Without seeking to imitate more traditional Scotch flavours, this rare whisky showcases the best of Lowland distillation and maturation – shining a light on the extraordinary flavours that are expressed through these graceful distillations. 

One is greeted by notes redolent of vintage cars, granite, and meadow grass on the nose – transporting us to the lush countryside of a distant past. A satisfying sweetness is initially apparent on the palate, with flashes of spun sugar and honey, which draws into a long-lasting and mouth-watering finish of dry star fruit.

In contrast to the heavier notes characteristic of Highland and Island Scotch, The Lowlander is an expression of finesse, elegance, and poised self-assurance.

"The Lowlander is certainly an ambassador for the region’s distillation and maturation." - The Luxury Editor

A reminder of the diversity of Scotch whisky, The Lowlander provides an almost refreshing quality, rare to most Scotch whisky. It’s not the intensity of the flavour that provides the satisfaction but the captivating journey the whisky takes.

This is perhaps the best way to consider this region’s output. An alternative path of discovery, free from preconceptions or assumptions – one which meanders through this serene landscape with herbaceous scents carried in the breeze.

Far from being overlooked, understanding and valuing the unique profile offered by the Lowlander gives a brand-new experience in itself – offering a window into a whole new world of whiskies to discover and enjoy.

So, whatever your experience with Lowland whisky, this is certainly one not to miss.

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