The Eight Grain: Elegant Blended Grain Whisky

The Eight Grain: Elegant Blended Grain Whisky

One of the best-kept secrets across the whisky world for decades - the subtleties, complexity and sophistication of grain blends are now beginning to finally gain the recognition they deserve.

Their  has seen interest in grain whiskies building year on year, leading to a new-found audience and respect for what was once incorrectly overlooked as inferior to the traditional malt.  

Although a feature in all blended Scotch whisky, to truly understand, appreciate, and enjoy the unique character offered by these grain components, a fine blended grain whisky is a must-have in any collection.

A grain whisky not only helps one to understand and better appreciate the complex layers, production, and taste profiles of other blended whiskies, but is an undoubtedly rich and rewarding spirit in itself.

So, in the world of luxury aged grain whiskies, what sets The Eight Grain apart from the rest?

Whether you’re taking your first tentative steps into the exciting world of fine grain whisky, or are a seasoned enthusiast looking to delve deeper, this bottle is simply an excellent example of the best that grain whisky can bring.

Firstly, the provenance of this bottle distinguishes it from its peers – combining component grains from eight of Scotland’s closed and active grain whisky distilleries.

Almost unrivalled in terms of origin, the Eight Blend’s varied components were expertly blended and lain in American Oak casks for 40 years – a collective expression of each of these distilleries’ distinctive character, history, and tradition.

The bottle’s diverse provenance celebrates the best of what each distillery brings – resulting in a blend with exceptional character, never to be repeated or recreated again.

On the nose, these varied layers of history are immediately evident and inviting. A warmth of baked sugar and caramelised banana is finely balanced with a comforting hint of wood shavings.

While on the palate, bright citrus notes characteristic of the component distilleries are layered with stone fruits, sitting above the evocative and classically creamy character of aged grain whisky.

Intriguing, inviting and indulgent, the Eight Grain thus provides the distinctive warm character of aged grain with a finesse and sophistication that elevates and celebrates the specific qualities the grains and component distilleries offer.

Released as a limited run of just 384 bottles, The Eight Grain’s rich gold colour is a fine representation of its status as it combines all that one should look for when selecting a high-quality whisky (unique provenance, rarity, rich character, history, and, of course, taste).

So, as interest in aged grain whisky continues to grow each month and bottles like the Eight Grain attract long-overdue attention across the world, the secret of aged grain whisky may well be out.

And believe us, this is a bottle that won’t be around for long.

Find out more and buy your bottle here.  

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