The Accelerator and The Brake - Episode One

The Accelerator and The Brake - Episode One

Produced in collaboration with whisky writer, Dave Broom, the House of Hazelwood is delighted to present a brand-new feature length whisky film titled: The Accelerator and The Brake.

Join Dave Broom as he takes a trip to Hazelwood House, the ancestral home of the Gordon Family, to discover the stories, people and events which led to the culmination of the greatest inventory of rare and aged Scotch Whisky in the world.

Every week, we’ll release a new short chapter of the film, documenting Dave Broom’s journey through Speyside as he delves into the lives of Charles and Sandy Gordon – two pioneers who were instrumental in shaping the whisky industry across the late 20th century – affectionately dubbed “The Accelerator and The Brake”.

From bicycles welded to column stills, to a rare glimpse and insight into what it was like to work alongside the brothers from those with over half a century of experience, it is a screening that the connoisseur simply cannot afford to miss.


Episode One

Episode One begins at Hazelwood House, the much beloved home of the Gordon family. In this episode, 5th generation family member, Kirsten Grant Meikle introduces Dave Broom to Charles and Sandy Gordon, recanting much loved memories. Andy Fairgrieve, the archivist, introduces the incredible story behind how the family whisky stocks came to be.

A bottle of The Accelerator & The Brake whisky sits on a table alongside a pour of the whisky in a crystal glass.

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The companion Scotch Whisky, created in collaboration with Dave Broom and featured in the whisky film, The Accelerator and The Brake, a 33 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky, is now available to pre-order from the House of Hazelwood.

For a limited time only, preorder the whisky and receive three collectable fine art photographic prints, captured from the film. Just 209 bottles available.


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