Rare Single Grain Whisky, Well-Aged and Beautifully Balanced: The Cask Trials

Rare Single Grain Whisky, Well-Aged and Beautifully Balanced: The Cask Trials

Single grain whisky has existed in many forms for centuries – usually an attempt to create or imitate whisky with limited resources and/or know-how.

However, in 1831 this all changed when Aeneas Coffey, an Irish distiller and inventor, introduced the Patent Still, or what’s now commonly referred to as the Coffey Still.

Unlike the traditional copper Pot Stills, the Coffey Still allowed for continuous distillation – providing a much simpler, cost-effective, and efficient way to distil grain whisky.

This in turn led to the mass-production of grain spirits which – owing to their lighter taste and character – were often used to dilute the stronger flavours of malt spirit, resulting in higher-quality, more balanced blends.

Perceived as inferior to single malts for many years, it’s only more recently that grain spirits themselves (Single Grains) have come to be appreciated across a wider market, providing a previously unexplored avenue of discovery and experimentation.

Our 53-year Single Grain Scotch, The Cask Trials, is the ideal representation of the new status these fine single grain spirits hold.

Having undertaken an extensive ageing of over half a century since being first distilled in 1968, the whisky has matured into a hedonistically rich and indulgent spirit.

The influence of the single sherry butt in which it lay for all these years is clear to see straight away – the whisky’s deep ruby-tinted mahogany hue already differentiating the spirit from other lighter grain whiskies.

The Cask Trials 

"A deep ruby tint, rich top notes of dried fruits macerated in Armagnac, with pencil shavings at base. A compelling balance of sweet and dry." - Charlie McLean, MBE


On the nose, the sherry influence is again apparent, with notes of dried apricots, dates, and raisins. While on the palate, the flavours build and evolve into a slightly woodier base with notes of fruits and roasted coffee.

The unique relationship between Girvan grain and European oak, as well as the whisky’s 53-year maturation, has resulted in an uncommon depth and richness that is not otherwise found across most single grain whiskies.

A testament to the fact that when given time to mature, develop, and express their flavours, even these lighter cereal bases can draw exciting expressions from the cask when distilled and overseen by a true expert.

Thus, The Cask Trials is an undeniably unique whisky that pushes the boundaries of what a single grain can offer – inviting you into the world of Single Grain whisky and abruptly changing everything you thought you already knew.

With just 303 bottles released worldwide, this unrepeatable expression sits at the pinnacle of Single Grain Whisky – a rare gem in this growing and often overlooked market.

Find out more about The Cask Trials and purchase your bottle here.

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