Luxury Speyside Whisky with a Little Scottish Sunshine

Luxury Speyside Whisky with a Little Scottish Sunshine

The eighties were a tricky decade for whisky. One where the refined simplicity of whisky was temporarily overtaken by extravagant cocktails and tropical mixes.

Faced with competition from these elaborate combinations of global spirits and exotic fruits, served with paper umbrellas and heaps of ice, the simple scotch looked to be facing a difficult period.

Yet, as ever, the enduring spirit survived this ‘blip’ – emerging from the decade as strong as ever, and in some rare cases even taking on the influences of these in-fashion flavours.

Our 39-year-old Malt Scotch Speyside Whisky, Sunshine on Speyside, blended at the time, almost inexplicably expresses some of this character – resulting in a fine blend that combines characteristic Speyside flavour with vibrant, tropical notes.

Sunshine on Speyside

Wonderfully bright on the nose, the whisky leads with notes of fresh pineapple, caramelised fruits, and nostalgic sweet shops. A symphony of scents that feels both familiar and enticingly exciting.

On the palate, this combination of Speyside and tropical characters continues with the succulent sweetness of barbecued fruits balanced by a creaminess of smoky citrus.

Well structured. Beautifully aged. And unapologetically of its time.


"96/100. Drinking this whisky was an amazing experience. It really swept me away. It's clear and bright, the aspects of a younger Scotch remain but the harsher sides have worn down. A dram I expect even non whisky drinkers will greatly enjoy." - Drambling Man

The magic here is once again in the mystery. The complex, inexplicable, and unusual relationship between cask and spirit that has resulted in this remarkably unique blend.

Most likely a result of the cask’s past usage or perhaps the cultural influence of the period on the blender, the origin of this extraordinary coming together of flavours remains unexplained.

Here we can create our own stories and invent our own history to accompany this fine whisky – revelling in the complexity and uncertainty of the spirit’s relationship with the cask over time and enjoying the vibrant, fruity flavours it has resulted in.

Whatever happened during this whisky’s time in cask, the tropical influence provides the perfect platform for its Speyside qualities to shine through. Its lighter, sweet character acting as the ideal crossover point between whisky and the in-vogue cocktails of the time.

Sunshine on Speyside is thus a one-of-a-kind whisky – limited to just 398 bottles worldwide – which will interest, intrigue, and excite a range of audiences.

Whether you’re new to the world of Speyside Whisky or an experienced enthusiast, this bottle offers plenty to reflect on – while providing an exceptionally smooth and bright experience in itself.

Packaged in a hand-labelled, individually numbered decanter with accompanying gift box, you can purchase Sunshine on Speyside here.

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