House of Hazelwood: Luxury Whisky Gift Guide (Part 2)

House of Hazelwood: Luxury Whisky Gift Guide (Part 2)

Having explored handpicked gifts for the Curious, the Sweet Tooth, the Romantic and the Historian in Part One of our festive gift guide , you can now browse the second and final instalment below.

Divided into clear categories with tasting notes provided along with the stories that elevate these bottles into the exquisite, our handpicked luxury gift list makes sure that finding the right whisky for that special someone needn’t be a challenge.

Complete with hand-engraved, individually-numbered decanters and wooden display boxes, the bottles featured are true representations of the finest moments whiskies can offer.

Unique expressions, rare releases, and pure distilling history.

Explore Part Two of our festive gift guide below.​​​​​​

For the ‘In-the-know’: The Eight Grain

Whisky’s best kept secret has long been the unique characteristics, subtleties, and taste profiles offered by grain whisky.

The Eight Grain

Often-overlooked, grain whisky’s recent resurgence has seen a growing appetite across the market for fine grain blends.

So, while the secret remains partly safe for now, the reserve of the true connoisseur, The Eight Grain aged whisky is a stand-out pick for those ‘in-the-know’.

Built on the grains from eight of Scotland’s closed and active distilleries, this rare release champions everything that grain whisky offers.

On the nose, aromas of baked sugar, toffee and caramelised banana are underpinned by a warm background of woody notes. A balanced and rounded palate lifts notes of fresh fruits above the characteristic creaminess of aged grain whisky.

Warming and rich, this indulgent 40-year blended grain whisky, is a decadent expression of grain whisky’s multifaceted appeal.

For the Explorer: A Trail of Smoke

The secrets stored in Scotland’s rugged islands have long held a special place for the wanderers amongst us. Its beguiling mysteries, unique structures, and patchwork of interwoven cultures piquing the curiosity and igniting the flame in many.

A Trail of Smoke

A Trail of Smoke opens the door to this world – leading us on a winding journey across the country’s remarkable islands, from herbaceous countryside to woody peat, set against the backdrop of characteristic smokiness. 

Aged for 45 years, this blended malt begins with a familiar and airy dryness of subtle sea salt and citrus on the nose which draws one into the aromas of woodsmoke. The whisky’s character unfolds on the palate with notes of luscious fruits dancing above a warm peaty foundation – a distinctive stream of smoke inviting the explorer further and drawing new expressions from the whisky’s components.

Finely balanced, vibrant, and evocative, A Trail of Smoke is an exquisite expression of Island distillation.  

For the Extra-Special: A Singular Blend

Extra-special moments merit an extra-special bottle.

An encapsulation of the unique.

A celebration of the extraordinary.

A Singular Blend.

A Singular Blend

Unprecedented in terms of age and provenance, A Singular Blend is an exceptionally fine 58-year aged scotch that is composed not only of whiskies from the same region but those from the very same Highland distillery, with both grain and malt components stemming from the same year of production at the same site.

Although once common in Scotch production, A Singular Blend offers a bridge to this lost period where components were distilled at the same site. Decades of maturation in American Oak has invited the unique character of the distillery to emerge from the depths of the past, linking the present to a specific time and place in history.

On the nose, butterscotch sweetness is supported by hints of artisanal workshops. While on the palate a symphony of sweet and sour notes unites in harmony, providing a complex profile of waxy fruit and woodiness.

An exceptionally indulgent expression of a bygone era, A Singular Blend is one of the rarest and finest whiskies money can buy.

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