House of Hazelwood: Luxury Whisky Gift Guide (Part 1)

House of Hazelwood: Luxury Whisky Gift Guide (Part 1)

Having explored the reasons behind whisky’s established reputation as an ideal gift over Christmas, “the perfect representation of timeless quality, pleasure, and luxury”, you can now browse Part One of our festive gift guide below.

Divided into clear categories with tasting notes provided along with the stories that elevate these bottles into the exquisite, our handpicked luxury gift list makes sure that finding the right whisky for that special someone needn’t be a challenge.

Complete with hand-engraved, individually-numbered decanters and wooden display boxes, the bottles featured are true representations of the finest moments whiskies can offer.

Unique expressions, rare releases, and pure distilling history.

With the festive season fast approaching, browse Part One of our gift guide below.

For the Curious: The Unknown

For the adventurous enthusiast – those drawn to the mystery and magic of Scotch distillation – The Unknown represents the perfect choice.

Blended 12 years after its original distillation in 1978 and matured for further 33 years in a single refill butt, the provenance of this bottle’s component parts remains a mystery to this day.

Velvet sweetness, supported by hints of woody spice and treacle, provides a delicate strength on the nose. While the palate is an indulgent blend of hard-boiled sweets and demerara sugar, leading to a rich and incredibly long-lasting finish.

The Unknown

With only 143 bottles released worldwide, this finely structured blend is an exceptionally fine whisky and worthy showpiece to any collection – offering a sophisticated taste profile as well as an intriguing tale to be shared with companions.

For the Sweet Tooth: The Old Confectioner’s

Hark back to the cherished nostalgia of traditional sweetshops, relive the giddy excitement, and indulge in a wonderful distillation of youthful joy.

The Old Confectioner’s, our 44-year blended malt scotch, leads the drinker back in time to a distant and cherished memory for all, with rich notes of treacle toffee, liquorice, and candied fruit on the nose.

On the palate, sweet notes of caramelisation descend into a darker treacle toffee and liquorice character, revealing a long and complex finish which moves from sweet to dry with hints of leather and oak evoking memories of old wooden countertops.

The Old Confectioner's

An evocative blend of layered tastes that transports the drinker back to a shared memory of youth, this rare release is redolent, warming, and enormously satisfying.

For the Romantic: The Long Marriage

A celebration of enduring companionship, patience, and temporality, The Long Marriage is a testament to the powers of time, achieving an unparalleled level of complexity that can only be achieved through decades of slow development.

Distilled in the 1960s and bottled at natural cask strength, this exceptionally rare blend lay undisturbed for over 50 years in a single refill sherry butt.

Evocative of opulent antiquity, The Long Marriage leads with notes of candle wax, paraffin, and Victorian decadence on the nose. While on the palate its vibrancy and rich character emerge with notes of cinnamon, spicy and mouth-coating, drawing into a complex sweet/dry finish.

One of our rarest releases, The Long Marriage has attracted widespread acclaim for unique characteristics, esteemed provenance, and its superbly evocative nature.

The Long Marriage

For the Historian: Spirit of Scotland

The first reference to Scotch whisky, recorded in Scotland’s Exchequer rolls of 1494, is a monumental moment for any whisky enthusiast – the departure point for a journey that would wind through the Highlands, Lowlands and Islands of Scotland for centuries to come.

Commemorating the 500-year anniversary of the birth of Scotch, the double-matured blended scotch Spirit of Scotland is a piece of Scottish distilling history in itself.

Since its first blend, the spirit was lain in cask for a further 28 years – each year contributing a new layer of complexity and bringing together the blend’s unique characteristics.

Spirit of Scotland

The result is an exceptionally unified whisky that evokes imagery of Scotland’s rich distilling history, with notes on the nose of antique manuscripts balanced by aromas of warm syrup and bakeries.

The palate is multi-layered and inviting – rich in baked fruits, demerara sugar, and cream, with a superbly smooth finish of malted grain notes and an evocative tail of smoke.

An exceptionally fine commemoration of Scotland’s distilling history which successfully captures and celebrates the numerous elements that has made it what it is today. The real Spirit of Scotland.     

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