Collectable Whisky: 5 Sensational Spring Whiskies to add to your collection

Collectable Whisky: 5 Sensational Spring Whiskies to add to your collection

Spring is on the way – and with it, we present our curated selection of collectable whisky, ready to reflect the season ahead.  

As the nights grow mercifully shorter, the budding tips of crocus, daffodils, and muscari are the tell-tale signs that spring is merely weeks away. This transition of seasons often marks a cathartic cleanse for many of us – a spring clean, if you will – both literally, and metaphorically in lifestyle.  

After a long winter of crackling fires, cosy evenings in the snug, devouring wholesome hearty winter meals and nursing deeply decadent, heavily sherried whiskies, our palates are left wanting a light delight – a sensational whisky to shed the season.  

There is much to look forward to in the spring – as the outside begins to burst with new life and colour, we look forward to the culinary delights of seasonal produce, hot cross buns and of course a chocolate egg or two!  

In the world of whisky, the distilleries awaken from their winter slumber, with some having stopped entirely for essential maintenance. Farmers sow the barley set to become tomorrow’s whisky, and April showers pepper the water sources ready to produce the new make of the future. Casks lie within dunnage warehouses, oblivious to the blossom of the new lush plant life outside, contributing all over Scotland to invaluable microclimates, a symbiotic part of the whisky making process.  

Join us in a drop of whisky for the warmer weather and discover five exceptional collectable whiskies, each bright and vivid in their own way, ready to reflect the season ahead. 

The Unknown

As We Head into The Unknown… 

Spring presents the promise of optimism, and with it many step confidently into the unknown. So, what better whisky to mark the occasion than the aptly named Blended Scotch Whisky, The Unknown?  

From the Charles Gordon Collection, this 44-Year-Old holds within many secrets, with very little known about the whisky’s provenance, except for its distillation year, 1978, and its blending in 1989, before a secondary maturation for over three decades in a single refill sherry butt.  

Within its stories are told through aromas of velvety sweetness, a hint of wood spice and treacle. The transition to the palate is met with boiled sweets and demerara sugar, before concluding a rewardingly long finish.  

Offered at a natural cask strength of 43.3% ABV, free from added colour and chill-filtration, enjoy taking a step into The Unknown. 

The Lowlander

Chase The Lowlander through the lush grasses 

If there was a whisky that was the epitome of spring, it would almost certainly hail from the Lowlands.  

Bright, light, and grassy by nature, the Lowlands are often overlooked in favour of other styles, but within The Lowlander, a 36-year-old Blended Scotch Whisky from the Legacy Collection, is a showcase for the merits of Lowland distillation and maturation.  

Evocative notes of vintage cars, granite and meadow grass await the nose, before moving into an initially sweet palate, featuring a burst of spun sugar, dry star fruit and a long, mouth-watering finish.  

Bottled as the distiller intended, all 432 bottles of the Lowlander are offered at a natural cask strength of 45.9% ABV, free from added colour and chill filtration. 

Sunshine on Speyside

Bask in the spring Sunshine on Speyside 

After a bitterly cold winter in the Highlands, the arrival of warmer weather and sunshine are always welcomed in the whisky capital of Speyside. The green, lush landscape is a pivotal feature of Speyside whiskies, as this unique microclimate helps to define the signature body that so many whiskies from the region possess. 

The regional Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, Sunshine on Speyside, is a jubilant celebration of this – offering up a bright, vibrant character, reminiscent of the Tropicana of cocktails en-vogue at its time of distillation in the early 1980’s. 

The nose is vivid with notes of fresh pineapple and barbecued fruit. The palate follows with the tropical theme, offering charred fruit, alongside a creamy caramelised barbeque smoke, topped off with bright zesty citrus.  

Just 398 bottles of this drop are available, offered at a natural cask strength of 42.5% ABV, free from added colour or chill filtration.  

The Lost Estate

Take a Trip to the Lost Estate 

Take a trip back to seasons gone past and unlock the secrets within the 43-Year-Old Blended Grain Scotch Whisky, The Lost Estate.  

A marriage from two of Scotland’s late great grain whisky distilleries, this rare whisky offers a uniquely fruity addition to the drink cabinet – notes of which are uncharacteristic of a typical grain.  

A release redolent of esters, expect pear drops and bright mandarin orange on the nose, before enveloping the palate in a crisp, clean barley sugar character.  

Offered at a natural cask strength of 41.6% ABV, free from added colour and chill filtration, we invite you to catch one last glimpse of a spring gone past, brought together by two now-silent distilleries, never to be repeated. 

The Tops

Climb Your Way to The Tops 

Finally, we ascend to The Tops, to uncover the scrumptious spring character of this 33-Year-Old Speyside Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.  

Generously rich in character, this whisky brings together the distiller’s select “tops” of our inventory – in other words – the very best of best – to create a sherried release redolent of sweet treats enjoyed at Easter.  

Delve into treacle, toffee, and caramel on the nose, before chewing your way through drying oak, dusted with a sweet sherbet aftertaste.  

Bottled at a natural cask strength of 51.6% ABV, this release is presented free from added colour and chill filtration. 

Collectable Whisky: Curating a Scotch Collection 

Curating a Scotch Whisky collection should always begin with personal preference, regardless of the season. However, if you’re planning to sample and enjoy your whisky all year round, it makes sense to balance your collectable whisky collection with a range of styles to suit the palate and time of year.  

Why not consult our handy guide on collectable whisky? Or explore our range further to uncover rare characters suited for the warmer days ahead. 

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