A Sherry Cask Whisky for Valentine’s Day: The Long Marriage

A Sherry Cask Whisky for Valentine’s Day: The Long Marriage

Valentine’s Day is a moment to reflect on what has been, and what is to come – a pause in our routines to express our appreciation for that special someone.

Somewhat strangely, we often see the same range of gifts lining shop shelves as the day approaches – red roses, chocolates, and teddy bears – their common theme being nothing more than their love-heart branding.

For us however, and those that are looking for something truly special to commemorate their relationship, there is no better gift than a fine bottle of sherry cask whisky on Valentine’s Day. More specifically, The Long Marriage – our 56-year-old double matured Blended Scotch.

The Long Marriage

Aside from the name, a reference to the extensive ageing the blend has undertaken in a single refill sherry cask, this whisky is filled with rich, romantic character and an almost unmatched finesse.

“Bold statement incoming, but this was certainly one of the best whiskies I’ve ever had the opportunity to taste”, Thijs Klaverstijn, Words of Whisky

The Long Marriage – Sherry Cask Whisky Tasting Notes

An initial nose characteristic of decadent old grain whisky leads with notes evocative of candle wax and paraffin – reminding us of traditional themes of Victorian romance.

On the palate, a vibrant mouth-coating spiciness, layered with notes of cinnamon, meanders into a sweet, dry finish. A winding journey of taste and sensation that brings us into the moment – one of reflection, and in this case, companionship.

“98 / 100. A wonderful complex whisky. Because of the ride it took me on it is the whisky I rate the highest of everything I ever had, and likely it will stay just that for a very long time”, Drambling Man.

Distilled in the mid-1960s, The Long Marriage is a testament to the bonds that can be built through the passing of time – and with over half a century in slumber, its malt and grain components have unified with the sherry cask to produce an exceptionally well balanced and rich whisky.

This extraordinary maturation period sets this bottle apart as one of the rarest in our collection, with just 288 bottles released worldwide – distinguishing itself as a truly special commemoration of a long-lasting bond.

Supplied in a hand-engraved and individually numbered decanter, and ash display gift box with gold leaf inlay, make this year’s Valentine’s Day extra-special and purchase your bottle here.

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